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Nukes Now: Obama Worse Than Reagan

Nukes Now: Obama Worse Than Reagan

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The Cold War will never end until there is full nuclear disarmament, there’s just too much money in it. For all Obama’s promises and his prestigious peace prize he will allocate more money towards nuclear weapons “refurbishment” than Reagan. The nuclear weapons gravy train is the same as it ever was. If the people of this planet wish to survive and leave a world that is habitable for their children, the need to demand zero nuclear weapons, complete disarmament, is the only solution.

Steve Breyman, Truthout | 19 March 2014

Heads-up, veterans of the nuclear freeze movement in the United States, the anti-Euromissile campaigns in Western Europe and the various anti-nuclear weapons efforts in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Incoming.
We spent much of the 1980s resisting Ronald Reagan’s new Cold War and his new nuclear weapons of all shapes and sizes. We pushed back against his giant “defense” budgets and countered his harrowing rhetoric. We knew Star Wars was a scam and the MX missile a danger. We grimaced at his appointments to key policymaking positions and scoffed at his insincere arms control efforts.
In the end, we prevailed (after a sort). We get much of the credit for preventing planetary incineration that seemed frighteningly close at the time (Gorbachev deserves some, too). Professional activists, plowshares heroes and a handful of stalwart others stayed in the anti-nuke trenches. Although nuclear weapons were not abolished with the end of the Cold War, most of the rest of us nonetheless moved on to fight other evils and to work on one or more better world construction projects.
It’s time to return. President Obama released his fiscal 2015 budget March 4. Ready for this? It asks for considerably more money (in constant dollars) for nuclear weapons maintenance, design and production than Reagan spent in 1985, the historical peak of spending on nukes: $8.608 billion, not counting administrative costs (see graph below). The Los Alamos Study Group crunched the numbers for us…
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