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US Low Level Radioactive Waste Rule with commentary

US Low Level Radioactive Waste Rule with commentary

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Are you confused about how the US categorizes low level waste and the wording of the US Low Level Waste Rules? The comment period ended 14 September, 2014, but this annotated version of the Low Level Waste Rules is educational and informative on the topic. It is also informative on how to read between the lines of all these convoluted documents. Still confused, perhaps that’s the intention. So, thanks to the folks who took the time to annotate this.

Mining Awareness Plus / 14 September, 2014

“This is an annotated version of the US Low Level Waste Rules. Unless you have read the rule at least 3 to 5 times, chances are that it’s worth looking at again… (!documentDetail;D=NRC-2014-0080-0002)

The law (2011) is available to start studying here: and here: One part updated in 2012: …”

“…It is important to know that there are some rules and regulations for dealing with radioactive waste. And, while there are too many exceptions and loopholes, it is still better to have lined trenches, for instance, than unlined trenches. It is better to have monitored waste leaking some, than to just throw it into a regular landfill, unmonitored.

It is better to monitor for 100 years at taxpayer expense, than not at all. It is also important to examine the rules in case they are violating them…”

Read full text and the annotated US Low Level Waste rule here

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