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Voices of the Manhattan Project

Voices of the Manhattan Project

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An online resource of oral histories and interviews. The collection is added to in an ongoing fashion.

Voices of the Manhattan Project
“Voices of the Manhattan Project” is a joint project by the Atomic Heritage Foundation and the Los Alamos Historical Society to create a public archive of our oral history collections of Manhattan Project veterans and their families.

Our online collection features over 200 audio/visual interviews with Manhattan Project workers and their families, including J. Robert Oppenheimer, General Leslie R. Groves, Glenn Seaborg, Hans and Rose Bethe, George Kistiakowsky, and many more.

Los Alamos Historical Society
1050 Bathtub Row Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
Phone: (505) 662-6272 .


The Atomic Heritage Foundation
910 17th St. NW, Suite 408 . Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 293-0045 .

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